Where to Buy

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Currently, our whiskey is available in retailers throughout the state of Oregon.

If you reside outside of the state of Oregon and would like to order our whiskey, give us a call at (541) 258-6000.

Find a retailer near you by clicking on the 'Find A Retailer' button below that will direct you to the OLCC website (for more instructions see below) where you can find a store that carries our whiskey.

Read below for further instructions once navigated to the OLCC website, be sure to fill out the following information:

1) Fill in the ‘Product Description’ search bar with one of our whiskey selections (Hideaway Whiskey, Red Line Whiskey, or Blue Line Whiskey).

2) Next, fill in the ‘Location’ search bar with the city or zip code of your location.

3) Be sure to fill in the filter by distance drop down menu next to the ‘Location’ search bar to find the nearest retailer to you.

4) Then, click the ‘search’ button to locate a store.

5) Finally, after the results have loaded, click on the desired product to get the address, store hours, and more information about the retailer, and head over to grab a bottle today!

(Note: OLCC even tells you how much of our product is in stock each day, enjoy!)